In front of Christopher Wren's wonderful house, you can have an enthralling experience relaxing in the most glorious surroundings and enjoy drinks and a picnic before and during the interval. 



Leave plenty of time to get here. The gardens are open from 3pm and 12 noon on a Sunday in order to give you time to enjoy a drink in the gardens or gaze at the view.


Please bring a picnic and set up a picnic rug on the lawn on arrival or during the interval. 

Picnic hampers are available from The Farm Deli in Winslow. 

Hamper and booking information here: 


Our operas are performed in two halves, with a long dining interval in the middle. (85 min) except for Sunday matinee which is 30 min. This is when most people enjoy their supper – wherever they have chosen to have it.


Black tie optional.